Support Policy

Version 1.0 – June 2018

This policy outlines Sero!’s support practices and resources. It also identifies your support obligations to your customers. 

Obligations under this policy (both ours and yours) are incorporated by reference into the Sero! Terms of Service.

Technical Support

We offer several options for technical support. All accounts get the highest level of support as long as the account subscription remains in good standing. 

Sero! support includes:

  • Answering basic questions about Sero! services and features
  • Troubleshooting Sero! services and products.

Send inquiries to Response times will vary, but should not exceed 48 hours.

Support Business Hours

Normal Sero! business hours are 9am-6pm Eastern time.


We will announce if we intend to discontinue or make backwards incompatible changes to any Service. We will always try to give you as much time as possible to make any necessary modifications to your applications or processes. This policy does not apply to versions, features, and functionality that we label as “beta” or “experimental.”

End User Support

Customer support extends to all End Users.


Sero!’s systems are continuously monitored by automated systems and health checks. In the event of any issue that adversely affects the performance, security, reliability, or integrity of the Services, we will receive notification and respond immediately. 


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