Thank you for your interest in Sero!. We are happy to provide your K-12 School | Large Membership for all members of your K-12 School, over 1,000 Takers (students) in size.

You must register for an Administrator’s account, then import your Assessor and Taker accounts. Your Assessors and Takers will receive their registration invitation via their email address.

To register, fill in the form below, then click Register to be directed to the payment page. You must provide payment information to activate your Sero! account. Payments will be charged according to the terms of your account type.

Once you register, you will be directed to your Sero! Learning Assessments account. You can also then login to the Sero! App by clicking on Sero! App in the top menu or at

Your email will be your login. And remember your password.

Happy mapping!