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Submit your concept maps today

Sero! offers unprecedented insight into learners’ understanding. We are building technologies that implement multiple approaches for using concept mapping for assessment. Several of the approaches start with concept maps built from standard knowledge – that is, the knowledge that is generally agreed to be true.

We are also creating a corpus of such concept maps – across topics and learning levels. If you want to participate, (1) watch the video on the right that explains what a ‘good’ map should look like. Then (2) submit your candidate map below. We can accept the following file types: .cmap, .cxl, .csv and .txt (click last two for examples). The video explains how to create them. Once you submit your first, we will (3) review your map and if it meets our criteria, we will (4) send you an email confirming your registration. If your map is close but needs work, we’ll send you feedback and ask you to resubmit. You can then (5) submit more maps.

As of March 25, 2020, we’re paying $10.00 per map – until we reach 300 maps. Payment will be provided through Amazon e-gift cards. We will update our current count every few days – so check back often!

If you have questions or ideas, send them to brian@serolearn.com.

Happy Mapping!

A few rules… For now, the program is only open to US-based K-12 educators, with a limit of 10 maps per educator.

Concept maps should:

  • Be written in English language
  • Be original – do not submit prior published maps
  • Follow the guidance offered in the video above – even more guidance is available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concept_map.

By submitting your maps, you consent to granting Sero! Learning Assessments Inc. all ownership of the intellectual property within and about your map. Also, you grant ownership to any future user of your maps and/or edited versions of your maps. Sero! Learning Assessments Inc. reserves the right to reject any submitted maps that do not meet the basic standards for concept maps.