Assessor Instructions

Version 1.0 – August 2018

(NOTE: All terms followed by * are defined on the Definitions page.)

An Assessor* can manage accounts, author MasterMaps* and AssessmentMaps*, and interact with AssessedMaps*. A Taker takes Sero! assessments. Taker instructions are reviewable on the Taker instructions page.

Your Goal

Your goal is to create an AssessmentMap using a MasterMap, which is a concept map that represents the knowledge you want to assess. This is an example of a concept map:

Concept maps include concepts (in boxes) that are linked together by directional lines and relation phrases. Once you have created the MasterMap, you can create an AssessmentMap by introducing assessment items at the concept, line and/or relations. Sero! currently provides five assessment item types:

  • Multiple choice: Gives Takers multiple options to select from for concepts or relations
  • Fill-In: Requires Takers to fill in concepts or relations
  • Drag&Drop: Takes concepts out of the map, and require Takers to determine where they belong
  • ConnectTo: Requires Takers to draw the lines between concepts and relations
  • ErrorCorrect: Shows Takers erroneous concepts or relations and requires them to select corrections

AssessmentMaps look like this to the Takers:

Once your Takers submit their maps, you can review their results. Here’s how to create, manage, and review your assessments.


Create Assessments is for authoring MasterMaps* and AssessmentMaps*. First, click Create Assessment tab.

Create Assessments


The dashboard is for managing accounts and review the progress of your Takers. First, click Dashboard tab.



Here you can review the assessments your Takers have taken. First, click Review Assessment tab.

Review Assessments