Getting Started with Sero!


Version 1.0 – December 2017

Assessment: (v), process enabled by Sero!; (n) artefact of Assessor authoring process enabled by Sero! comprising named MasterMap and/or AssessmentMap, and/or assigned AssessmentMap

Assessment item(s): designated nodes that indicate tasks for Takers to complete; specifically, five types:

  • MultipleChoice: provides set of options to edit name of node
  • Fill-In: provides blank node; AKA Generate And Fill-In / GAFI
  • Drag&Drop: provides disconnected nodes to drag and drop into the graph; AKA Select And Fill-In / SAFI
  • ConnectTo: provides disconnected lines to connect to nodes in the graph
  • ErrorCorrect: provides incorrect nodes to edit

AssessmentMap: MasterMap that includes at least one designated assessment item

Assessment(s)ToBeTaken: assigned AssessmentMap

AssessmentsIHaveTaken: submitted AssessmentMap that has been processed by AutoAssessmentMapTM, viewable by Takers

AssessedMaps: submitted AssessmentMap that has been processed by AutoAssessmentMapTM, viewable by Assessors

Assessor: user class with capability to author MasterMaps and AssessmentMaps, interact with AssessedMaps, and manage accounts

AutoAssessmentMapTM: set of algorithms for processing MasterMaps into AssessmentMaps

CompareToMasterMap™: set of algorithms for processing submitted Assessment(s)ToBeTaken

MasterMap: diagram comprising a spatially organized set of propositions in Concept > Relation > Concept format (AKA “concept map”) that serves as the comparison for submitted AssessmentMaps

map / graph: software instantiated diagram comprising

  • Lines: connectors between nodes
  • Arrowheads: directional indicators that appear at the end of connectors coming from relations
  • Node: concepts and relations

Proposition: statement of knowledge in Concept – Relation à Concept format

Results: outputs of MatchToMasterMap™ and any other output-producing processing, particularly if descriptive of Taker performance

Taker: user class with capability to interact with Assessment(s)ToBeTaken and AssessmentsIHaveTaken

xAPI: specifications for importing information about Assessor and Takers and exporting results codified as xAPI statements