Deeper Knowledge Assessment, Accelerated

We're in development at the moment - look for big things in summer 2020!

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Sero! is an award-winning, next-generation knowledge assessment platform based in concept mapping.


  • “The different types of questions keep it interesting, and the connecting phrases serve as hints without making the answers obvious, engaging students in the kind of logical thinking that helps them to cement understanding.”

    Common Sense Education
  • “The site is uncluttered and designed with ease of use in mind.”

    Common Sense Education
  • “Several steps above the typical multiple-choice assessment.”

    Common Sense Education
  • “Concept maps are a welcome break from multiple-choice and basic recall assessments.”

    Common Sense Education
  • “Sero! has the potential to be one of those neat tools that can be used in nearly any learning situation.”

    Common Sense Education
  • “Fresh approach to assessment through concept maps shows promise."

    Common Sense Education
  • If my district subscribed, I’d definitely use Sero! | I’ve not seen anything like this. | Ingenious. As cool as I thought it would be. | Nifty - better holistic way to do assessment.

    Heard at #ISTE2018 Startup Pavilion
  • I liked it. I haven’t seen anything like this format. Usually just paper and pencil. I’d like to use it as an education officer. I can see this being really useful for testing someone’s knowledge. But as a learner, I’d probably do better on a Multiple Choice.

    Assessor – US Marine
  • I just wanted to give some feedback on the concept map program! I really loved the program and thought it was easy to use and very self-explanatory. I think future students would have no problem figuring out the program, especially after the first time working through a map.

    Taker – Medical student

It’s time for deeper knowledge assessment, accelerated.


Sero! assesses knowledge and thinking by revealing the conceptual linkages that form the foundations of human knowledge and understanding.


Sero! enables rapid discovery of where and how a person’s knowledge is out-of-step or misconceived, making it useful for diagnosing, evaluating, and selecting.


While based in concept mapping, Sero! provides advanced capabilities that realize the benefits of the approach and enable broad-scale application and efficient deployment.


Watch the video and/or download the brochure to take a deeper dive into Sero!’s benefits and features.


Concept mapping tasks tap cognitive abilities that are difficult to measure by other means.


Sero! provides automated support that accelerates the authoring, scoring, and analytics processes.


Sero! analytics enable quick and easy comparison of knowledge across time and peers.


Cloud deployment, xAPI readiness, and concept map importing ensure integration.

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Sero! 2.0


Enhancements are already underway.

  • More Concept Mapping tasks and measures
  • Advanced scoring and analytics
  • Extensive xAPI vocabulary
  • Collaborative assessment taking
  • Sero! community of practice
  • Sharable assessment maps
  • Enhanced feedback supporting
 formative assessments
  • Mobile deployment


Shortlist, Learning Assessment Category

2018 Competition

Reimagine Education

Selectee, Startup Pavilion

2018 Conference

International Society for Technology in Education

Finalist, Innovation Lab (video)

2018 Innovations in Testing Conference

Association of Test Publishers

Highly Commended, Innovation Category

2017 e-Assessment Awards

e-Assessment Association


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